Welcome to the official website of those who keep it real with funny, tacky, tasteless t-shirts and more!




To shock and entertain the world with our funny/tacky/weird t-shirts designs. They are definitely unique and likely to draw attention in any setting.




What started as just an inside joke among friends and coworkers in the summer of 2003 has now evolved into a “global empire” and business.



What this really means is that this is a small operation of designing, printing, marketing, and selling t-shirts and other items. We hope to provide not only cool merchandise, but also fun and interesting content for you to enjoy.

We can ship anywhere in the continental USA in a matter of days.



Don’t freak out! We aren’t completely messed up!


Remember, these shirts and the content on this website are meant to be shock-value¬† and for humor only. We do not support violence, cruelty to animals, or anything lame like that. Just look at the shirts, you need a dry sense of humor… but they are hilarious!